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The spiritual successor to the Chromebook Pixel, the Google Pixelbook was unveiled at the 2017. Made by Google event, and made available October 31st, 2017. Model number: C0A.

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How to repair Pixelbook wireless

Google says it's outside the warranty period and it's a wireless hardware issue.

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Hi @sabinagmail

What is the problem with the WiFi?

If it is turning on but not connecting to a network, then it may be an antenna problem, loose or disconnected perhaps. Try using the laptop as close as possible to the network router e.g. <10cm, and check if the WiFi works OK.

If it does, here's the ifixit Google Pixelbook Motherboard Replacement guide. At Step.24, the antennas can be seen being disconnected from the WiFi card.

If there are other problems with the WiFi and you've proven that it is a hardware problem and not a software problem (powerwash?), the WiFi module (Intel 7265D2G) is soldered onto the motherboard so it won't be easy to remove.

Searching online for a replacement WiFi card produced no results.

Unfortunately I was also unable to find any USB-C WiFi dongles that you could use to connect to the laptop so that you could have WiFi capability again.

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Thank you! Will try it.


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