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Introduced and send out in 2019/2020 to 1000 testers around the globe. O by Nespresso is a concept mashine that was never released for sale.

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1 unknown chip and a MOSFET failed. Need identification.

Hi. I got my hands on an "O by Nespresso" mashine that was already defective. I now took the mashine apart and found 1 chip and a MOSFET that failed.

I was able to identify the MOSFET which is the CSD88537ND from Texas Instruments. Where can I buy that MOSFET?

The second chip is maybe a DRV8328 but I can't tell... (see photo)

Block Image

Pls anybody that can help me with that.

thx <3

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@theobwgsr looks like both Mouser and Digikey, carry those IC's.


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@theobwgsr looks like both Mouser and Digikey, carry those IC's.




If nothing else at least you have enough information to purchase equivalent parts.

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Hi:) Thanks for answering!

I'm finally ordering the parts for the repair. xD I wanted to ask you if you maybe know what capacitance of the three capacitors above the DRV8328 are. The one in the middle looks a bit burned as well but i don't know if it's faulty too... I'll be able to take the machine apart next week to check with the multimeter if there are any other faults...

kind regards,

Lorenz :)


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