My Sony VCR won't power on

I have a Sony combo DVD / VCR (SLV-D360P) so I can digitize some old VHS tapes. I got through one or two tapes just fine. When I put in the third one, it was part way through the video already, so I stopped it and pressed rewind. As it was getting close to the end, it started squeaking. I thought it was just the tape making noise. Eventually it stopped and froze up. None of the buttons would do anything so I ended up unplugging it from the power.

I let it sit for a while and now when I plug it back in nothing happens. No lights, no blinking 12:00, no anything. I took the top off and saw that there was a fuse in there. I removed the fuse and grabbed a multi-meter that I don't really know how to use. I set it to the Omega icon and touched it to the fuse and I did get numbers so that seems to mean the fuse is okay. The tape is outside the housing and wrapped around the various parts like it was trying to play when it died. I have no idea what to do next.

I took some photos and uploaded them to Onedrive in case anyone sees anything here that looks like a bad part or something.!Anw56nEH2SfbiKcN2G24...

Anyway, thanks for any help. Might need to go pay a visit to the local Salvation Army or something.

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