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The Samsung Captivate is a USA-exclusive flagship Android phone in the Galaxy S class of devices, released by Samsung in March 2010 for use on the AT&T network. Identifiable by model number SGH-I897.

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Why dont I get a picture in tv out mode

I hooked up my 3.5mm cable to all the right places and get sound but no picture when i am trying to watch a video from my phone on to my tv. I watched video on you yube that said i may need to switch the yellow lead with the red lead. I tried that and still have no picture on my tv.

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This feature allows you to connect your phone to your television via an optional phone to RGB cable and view any locally stored image or video directly on your television. The two available options include: TV out or TV system (NTSC).


The TV system (NTSC) option is used if you are connecting to an older, analog NTSC system.

To use the TV out feature:

1. From the Home screen, touch ➔ Settings ➔ Sound and display ➔ TV out.

2. Touch one of the following options:

• TV out: to play all of the phone's video output through the TV-out feature.

• TV system (NTSC): to play the phone's video out through an analog TV video system converter (NTSC or PAL)

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I have the same issue and it's not the NTSC/PAL option. I think it's a driver or codec issue.

When I first got my phone it worked great. I already had the cable in that it uses the same cable that came with my Microsoft "ZUNE".

Then I decided to "MOD" my ROM. I love the new ROM, however, they must have left the driver or codec out because it doesn't work anymore.

When AT&T came out with the new 2.3.5 Gingerbread update, it worked again, but I didn't like it as much as I did the Andromeda ROM I'd been using so I went back to that and, thus, I decided I can live without the VGA out feature.

So, in short, if you have your phone MOD'd, that's why the VGA out doesn't work. I you want it to work, re-flash back to the stock ROM and it should work.

Just a note, the default setting on most devices is "NTSC". The only reason you'd have to set it to PAL is if you were trying to use it in Europe. USA, Canada, Japan, etc. all use NTSC format.

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