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At the 2004 North American International Auto Show, Nissan unveiled a completely redesigned Pathfinder for the 2005 model year.

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How do I fix my rear windshield wiper arm motor?

Need to fix motor of the rear windshield wiper arm Assembly

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Hi Adrienne,

What's wrong with the motor? What have you checked? Do you know for sure it's the motor as opposed to a fuse, switch or wiring?


I removed rear wiper arm, and motor assembly. Placed it in a vice. Pounded out the piston. Silver greased as the piston was seized. Was a 20 minute repair. Even with removal of all interior plastic covers cladding. So rebuild it and saved it

Very easy repair. It will be good for years to come


Piston if motor was seized. Rebuilt it in 20 min and silver greased. All electrical with multimeter were 100 percent. Gears did not move. Vice punch 1 gasket cleaned and greased


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Adrienne Melnick here is the part of the service manual that will tell you all you need to know about your rear wiper system. It will tell you how to check the individual components, the wiring diagram, fuse location and even how to remove the components like the motor. Just follow the testing first. Remember that your rear wiper is tied to the BCM (Body Control Module) so don't forget about testing that. None of this is very complicated, just follow along :-)

2011 Pathfinder WIper & Washer

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Hello Adrienne,

It's one of the best cars I've had in my life. Condition: take care of it, then this car will take care of you, with truly trouble-free operation and exceptional durability.

Check the fuse in the fuse box, to the left of the steering wheel. If it is ok, remove the wiper arm and check the operation without. Finally, you will need a multiimeter and check the electrics going to the actuator. Take a look at the schematics, it will explain a lot. Most likely, however, the power cord, routed in a rubber conduit next to the hinge of the large trunk lid, has worn and cracked. It keeps happening.

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I keep all may gaskets maintenance up. Thank you so much for your response. My Pathfinder is stored till the winter. Otherwise I have an VW MK6 TDI Golf. Has been exceptional to me as well.


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