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Model 1402 / 16 or 32 GB capacity

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Question Re: Display Settings and TV Output

I have a Zune 1402 32gb, I recently purchased a LG LCD tv. I want to play video from my Zune on the TV. I've hooked up the appropriate cords to the right ports, and all that happens is that I can hear the audio.

When I go to the Settings feature on my zune, and hit display and then TV Output, Off, HDMI Auto, HDMI 720P, HDMI 480P and Composite Video show up, and when I select any, nothing really happens.

Any ideas on what I need to do to ge the video to come over?

Thanks you.

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Thanks for your answer adlerpe. First, to answer your question about which cords I was using, I was using AV cords with the 3 plugs and the headjack hook-up. That was my mistake. I thought the ZuneHD could use just the AV cables.

Initially when I searched for connecting my Zune to a TV, the only models of Zune being shown to successfully hookup to a TV were older models that could use just the AV cords. Well I now know that that doesn't work for the newer Zune HD's.

Since then, I have ordered (and received) a Zune AV dock and the problem has been solved. So I have my dock and a HDMI cord and I'm in business.

Thanks again!

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Some more information would help. What cables are you using to connect the Zune, and what are the names of the ports on the TV that you're plugging things into?

Do you have the correct input selected on the LG television? The TV will only display content sent through the port on which it's set to receive content. Double-check to be sure that you're setting the TV to display content from the correct port.

If the cable you're using from the Zune is connected to an HDMI port on the TV (this is the option that will give you the best-looking results), then try setting the Zune to HDMI Auto. Given your other HDMI settings, the Zune should set itself to send at the highest resolution available on the target device. So, the Zune should configure itself to send out video over the HDMI port at the highest resolution the TV can display.

When you hear audio from the Zune through the TV speakers, what input on the TV is active?

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