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I got a C4 error. It will turn on, but not sew

I recently got a C4 error on my machine. It turns on, but when I try to sew, it doesn’t work and instead gives me a beeping C4 error. Before I got the error the tension felt tight. I didn’t find many YouTube videos that related to this issue, any that were helpful. I took it to a repairman but he said the circuit board was bad. I don’t think he was right, because he then tried to sell me another machine. I know I might have to replace it, but I still want to know if it’s truly a circuit board issue.

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@minab C4 error code is one of those generic one. It pretty much pops up when your machine gets jammed. As you said, you noticed that"the tension felt tight", which does correspond with that. Since you already had a repair person look at it, the common error of tangled threads in the bobbin case or stuck pieces of fabric should have been checked/resolved. That would leave a bad bobbin case, wrong needles or an issue with the timing between the needle and the bobbin. So, it could be the circuit board but it could also be mechanical. Here is the service manual for your machine. Singer Brilliance 6160 6180 take a look and see what you can find out. You have the sewing machine there and use the service manual to check things out. Even if it is the circuit board, you can still fix it yourself and keep your machine going for many more years.


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Is your handwheel hard to turn? If there may be some thread caught in take-up/crank assy

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