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Reparaturanleitungen für Fahrzeuge der Marke Vauxhall

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How can I replace the usb port?

Hi, I noticed that Android Auto keeps disconnecting when I go over bumps and I believe its because the USB port has become loose.

Does anyone know how I can replace or repair it in some way?

Astra K Diesel.

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Hi @stan4th,

What is the year model of the vehicle?


Hi @jayeff, thanks for replying - it's a 2017 Astra K Diesel.




Sorry I can't help.


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Hi Joh,

Not sure I've ever even seen a Vauxhall here in the US, but I have dealt with a faulty USB connector in my wife's car.

First off, there are a lot of threads over on the UK Astra K forums that discuss problems with the USB plug. This one looked like the most helpful of the ones I read through.

USB Socket broken

Replacement modules seem to be available, so the simplest repair would appear to be to buy a new module, pull the old one and pop the new one in.

If, however, you feel more ambitious and have some moderate soldering skills, you might be able to replace just the USB jack itself. When my wife bought her Subaru, one of the first things I noted was that the USB port in the glove box was obviously damaged. I located a replacement part that was selling for about $80 USD, but that seemed a little expensive for my taste, so I decided to see if it could be repaired rather than replaced.

Opening it all up, I found what was a very standard USB-A receptacle, readily available everywhere for under $0.50. However, since I had everything apart and didn't want to wait days until a part arrived, I got an idea. I ran over to the local Dollar Store (where, as the name implies, everything they sell is exactly $1 USD) and picked up one of their cheaply made car chargers.

I disassembled it and unsoldered the USB jack after comparing it to the one in the car and finding they were both standard parts with the same footprint. Removed the one from the car's circuit board, soldered on the Dollar Store part, and boom, back in business for the total expenditure of two minutes worth of gas and $1 - plus my time, of course.

So hey, if it was mine I'd try opening it up and at least taking a look at the jack; you never know, it could be as simple as a broken solder joint that could be fixed with the touch of a soldering iron. If not, you can always then go ahead and order a replacement port online.

Good luck with your repair, Joh; let us know what happens!

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