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Repair guides and support for computer monitors produced by Samsung.

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Color is wrong, but still works sometimes

The screen fell face down and it seems like it can't display dark color properly. But sometimes, it would turns back to normal. Perhaps the impact has made a cable inside the screen loose? Forgive me my poor english and amateur skills.

Here are some information about the monitor:

- 20 inches
- SyncMaster B2030

Block Image

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What is the exact model number of your monitor? We need this in order to help you.


more infos have been provided in the edit


It may just be a loose connection. I would open it up and disconnect and reconnect all the connectors.


@thequacker Yes I think the issues are in the connectors, but it would be nice to have a tutorial on how to open it.


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Cao Do use something like this video as well as this one You should definitely get you into your display. Concern I have are the vertical stripes on your monitor, which are usually caused by the ribbon cables on top of the LCD having come loose. Once you have it apart, heck all the LVDS cables (not the once to the panel, those are fixed and can't be removed) and make sure that they are properly seated and have no corrosion or tears on them.

Cao Do it would be great if you could create a guide when you work on your monitor. It would really help the next person that has issues with their Syncmaster display. It's fairly easy and fun to create. Just take lots of pictures. No worries about language etc. since you have lots of people on here that are always willing to help out with that.


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