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The HP 1012 G1 was a tablet-laptop hybrid released in May 2016.

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Hard drive is not detected

When I boot up my HP elite X2 1012 g1 tablet is only goes to the black screen saying I basically need to install an operating system onto it how do I fix this issue

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Did you ever figure out what is going on with this issue? I am having the same problem, My first thought was an issue in the bios, but I have taken the drive out and plugged it into another computer, and used the other computer to partition, format and load windows onto it, yet it still will not recognize it. I have a second Elite X2 1012 G1 that is running. I took the hard drive out of it and it will boot on the other one but the drive from the other will not boot in my working one. So now I'm thinking it's something to do with how the hard drive is formatted or a corrupt sector in the boot section. Problem with that theory is that mine is a brand new hard drive.



Have you got another PC with a vacant (or 2nd) M.2 slot that you can insert the "faulty" SSD into as a 2nd drive?

If so you may be able to check if there are any faulty sectors in the drive and the boot partition by performing a chkdsk command on the drive and also check the boot partition.

Even though your drive is brand new, it still could be faulty. It happens sometimes. Admittedly rarely but it can.


Thank you Jayeff, very intelligent reply. And you're right, I can and spend the day doing exactly that. As I said, I do have a second Elite X2. I cloned the hard drive from it onto my new hard drive and it boots now, I just need to do a disk recovery now. I think we need a little more info to help the OP.


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Is there a operating system on the drive or conputer? If not, you need to use a USB stick and a working computer (for example a windows pc) and put the desired operating system on to the USB, then on your problem computer, you need to boot from the USB and install the operating system

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I realize this question is a year old but I just ran into this problem myself. Do you really think John would be asking the question if it was something as stupid simple as not having an OS installed? After extensive investigation, I think it's somewhere in the bios.


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