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Modell A1369, 1.6, 1.7, oder 1.8 GHz Prozessor, 64, 128 oder 256 GB Flash Speicher.

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new battery (from Ifixit guide)/ new charger (3PO), battery is dead

Couldn't fit it in title, I changed the battery for my mid 11' Macbook Air through the guide. all was fine, couple of months later, last december the OG charger got broken by the little 1 year old Imp, bought a new charger from Pixojet - https://www.pixojet.eu/products/19114-ma...

Now a month later the same issue is back, the mac is on with charger connected but doesn´t charge just stays a 0%, can the 3-party charger destroy the battery even it says its compatible with my Air? thx

Update (02/02/2023)

yeah sorry big newbie here - here some dumps of the coconut info, through Imgur because, once again, i'm a noob

Block Image


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Is your system working at all? If iyou can install this App CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the Apps main window and post it here so we can see your batteries and chargers health.

As to your question: Some chargers can damage your system as they cut corners. But before we jump let’s get the data to see what is going on.

Update (02/02/2023)

@vikin - Bad news☹️ The logic board power MOSFETs have been damaged by this charger.

Here’s a bit more on why you really need to stick with the real Apple unit directly from Apple OEM MagSafe Chargers vs Cheap Imposters: Teardown for Truth this is only an issue with the older MagSafe chargers the newer version in the M series is based on the USB-C power standard, just a better connector solution. Go directly to an Apple Store or to their web site to order it.

I would reach out to them to at least get your money back. You will need to find someone with Mac repair skills to replace the damaged MOSFETs.


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I checked the systeminformation - now this is in swedish but ill paste the printscreen

edit: i uploaded a pic


@vikin - Sorry you got halfway, go into edit mode, move the insert pointer where you want to place it and open the image toolbox double clicking on the image to enter its link, lastly save your entry.

Frankly, it doesn’t offer as much as CoconutBattery does. Please give us the CoconutBattery output. We only need the free version.


Thank you, Dan, i will take this case further and link the url you gave me - will it solve it by purschasing a real charger and a new battery or could the computer be el finito? best regards


@vikin - you got a One - Two punch! Charger damaged the computer! Get a new charger and get the computer fixed.

This is salvageable! You might get part of the repair covered by the seller of the bad charger!


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