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A1706 / EMC 3071 - herausgekommen im November 2016. Dieses 13" Macbook Pro führt die OLED Touch Bar ein. Es bietet einen Dual-Core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU und vier Thunderbolt 3 Ports.

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Swollen battery affecting trackpad


I cheaply bought used macbook pro late 2016 13 inch and I have a problem. I bought it cheaply because the trackpad wasn't in the best condition. What I mean is that it isn't so smooth and clicking it was hard. Yesterday I opened it and It seems that the battery is a little swollen. So my question is if I should replace battery or the trackpad?


Update (02/04/23)

Okay so here are the result



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Battery most likely. With the bottom of the laptop removed, double check and see if the trackpad works normally. My bet is it will. This sort of battery swelling can put upward pressure on the trackpad , meaning it doesn’t work properly. It’s more pronounced in older machines where the trackpad actually needs to be depressed rather than being a fancier touch sensitive bit of glass. But it can affect any machine with a battery under trackpad.

Obviously if there is swelling, be extra cautious during replacement. But it wouldn’t be uncommon for a device of this age to need a new battery regardless.

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Install this gem of an App to check your battery CoconutBattery post a snapshot here for us to see.

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@elmichel - Yep! Time for a new battery. In this case the age of the battery tells us this is the second battery this system has had!

So it also looks like you have a second issue here! The charging logic within the charger is not a compliant charger. Which is likely why the battery swelled.


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@elmichel I'm going to respectfully disagree with @danj on his advice on checking the battery status. If the battery is swollen, it doesn't matter how well it's working (or not); it needs to be replaced. Period. A swollen battery indicates that gasses are building up inside due to the chemical reactions no longer working correctly. The condition will only get worse, and can eventually be catastrophic; you remember the Galaxy Note 7 debacle? Yeah, they can quite literally explode.

That's not all that likely to happen with a slightly swollen battery, but care does need to be taken in handling it.

So your first step is indeed to replace the battery, then evaluate whether that also fixes the trackpad.

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@dadibrokei - Wow! That’s not what I said! All I said was let’s see the battery’s health. The premise was to see how bad it is nothing more.


@danj No, I realize you were only suggesting that Michel check the battery health. My argument is that there's no point in doing that; the battery has to be replaced no matter how good or bad the health is. That's all I was trying to point out. My apologies if it came across sounding critical; the battery app you recommend is very useful under most circumstances.


@dadibrokeit - Had a feeling there was something more going on here. The newer 2016/17 have suffered a bit when a non-compliant USB-C charger is used.

So far every one of this series I’ve seen with blotted batteries tend to be on systems which have had a second battery installed. It’s important to make sure the charger is MFi compliant or a real Apple unit. The newer systems seem to be a bit more tolerant.


@danj Ah, thanks Dan; I wasn't aware of that. Definitely something you want to know when you've run into this kind of situation.

So yeah, @elmichel, you probably want to invest in a quality charger just to be safe; Dan's been doing this for a long time and knows whereof he speaks.


@danj @dadibrokeit sure I will, thanks for the advice . Although the battery is original because I have receipt that it was bought in 2018 so the battery isn't that old but it's swollen. I will get it fixed or fix by myself and let you know if battery replacement helped with the trackpad or if the trackpad is also broken.


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