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Can't update to Ventura 13.2

I may have deleted a needed system file in December; I now get a "current device configuration and target is invalid for install in the current state..." when attempting to update. Do I need to reinstall Ventura in recovery mode, or is there an easier/quicker fix?

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You can try and process the update in Safe Mode. Sometimes this helps process updates that will not process otherwise. You can also try repairing your startup disk.

What makes you think you deleted a needed system file?

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How to Run First Aid with Disk Utility



15 minutes

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Wie du ein Mac in den abgesicherten Modus bootest


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5 minutes

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Already did first aid on the startup disk and the other volumes too, no problems found. Have already tried Safe Boot and still couldn't do OS update. I was trying to get rid of some really old temp files that showed up somehow, 2009, from my OLD Mac, and deleted some sort of var/temp folder, then an alias folder was created and now I can't find it. Guess I'll just have to reinstall Ventura in Recovery mode and hope that fixes the update problem. If you have any other suggestions please share. Thanks for your quick reply!


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