Computer won’t turn on, lots of factors

So it is almost brand new, the fan makes a funny noise and it gets hot quickly we are looking into that but even before the computer heats up, whenever turned on it enters and update and DELL logo loop. Recovery mode can’t be activated and it doesn’t shut down properly only seems to go into sleep

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Hi @generic_jones,

Can you get into BIOS OK and stay there without the laptop resetting?

Not sure what you mean by " enters and update...". Does it try to complete a Windows update?

Try to get into Recovery mode or safe mode if possible by using method 2. ( interrupting the normal boot sequence (three times in a row)

If you can get to Recovery try to repair startup. Go to Troubleshooting > Advanced >Startup repair


@jayeff hey thanks for the response, the computer never makes it to the sign in screen but it does seem to be going between a windows update screen and the DELL loading screen I glanced over the method you sent and none of it seems possible in the current state the computer is in but thank you for the advice and if you know anything else I’d love to hear it



So interrupting the startup sequence 3 times in a row didn't work, presuming the logo shows before the update info on the screen?

if the logo shows first then when it starts to boot into Windows and before the update screen shows, press and hold the power button to force stop and then start it again etc You may have to be quick


@jayeff It can’t be interrupted it goes from the loading sign to the update sign to a black screen in a loop and changes too quickly



This is if you can get into BIOS.

Use another PC etc to download either the Win 10 installation media (or Win 11) to a bootable USB flashdrive,

Once you have the install drive, change the boot order in your laptop to USB 1st boot option in BIOS and hopefully it will boot from the USB

When it loads the install screen click on Repair your computer.

On the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot>Advanced Options.

Click on Startup Repair.


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