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Repair information for KitchenAid dishwashers.

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kdte334gps0 buttons won’t work powered up

Hello our kdte334gps0 KitchenAid dishwasher is 5-6 years old worked fine until today. The buttons won’t respond to touch. Every 1-10 mins, it will beep once and the ProWash and Extended Dry LEDs will light up for about 30 seconds and then turn off.

Power cycled, Checked all connections, no wires look broken.

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Hi @kshepherd

Here's the tech sheet for the dishwasher.

Try to run the diagnostic tests as seen on p.12 and check if any error codes are shown. The error code info is from p.14→

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Thanks for the reply @jayeff ! I wish I could but I can’t even hit the buttons to enter the diagnostic mode. None of the buttons respond when I hit them. I even tried the combo a few different times just in case and it won’t work lol !



Check that the control panel cable is securely connected to the control board. Maybe disconnect the cable and check that the cable ends aren't corroded etc

Could be a faulty panel (stuck key?) or the control board (sticking relay?).

Maybe check if there's 13V on the door latch switch (see Door switch strip circuit p.5) just to check if the control board has the correct voltage to operate

If the control panel is faulty the part # is W11165145 search for suppliers that suit you best. The control board is W11120155


Thanks Jay! Everything seems connected - and the door switch is showing 12.45V so seems like it’s within range lol. Any other ideas? :)



I don't know.

I'm thinking that it's a control panel problem as the keys seem unresponsive, but I'm no expert.

See if you can source a replacement from a supplier that accepts returns either with a full refund or a minimal restocking fee so as to reduce the cost to you if it isn't the problem


@jayeff you have already gone above and beyond here but I was hoping you may give me a bit more advice. I tried reading the service manual on how to do it, but do you see any way of testing whether touching the buttons is being received by the controller? In other words, where I can put the leads on my multimeter and then hit any of the buttons? Or is that a waste of time at this point?


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