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The DJI Mini 2 is a small drone that was made in 2020 by DJI. The DJI Mini 2 has 4K/30fps video and 10km 720p/30fps video transmission.

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ESC error after only 58 minutes of flight.

I had flown my mini 2 for 58 mins in total. And left it for a month, when I came back from my travels. I had neatly packed it in its bag inside my closet.

I turned on the mini 2 and it gave me an error ESC. Nothing worked, no updates, it clocks out at 80%, no company help, as I bought it in the USA, but live in Europe.

I'm stuck, it's an $800 brick now. Can you help fix it, I'm super girlie and have none of the gadgets on the fixit page!!! Don't know what to do!

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Can you download DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic and try and update the drone and controller firmware using this guide? You must do it on a computer running Windows or MacOS Mojave or earlier.

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@thequacker Assitant software doesn't see the plugged-in drone


@l_j What OS are you using? And have you tried a few different cables? If you have the one that came with the drone try and use it.


Tried 4 cables, and three different batteries. With and without an SD card.

iOS 16.3 for my iPhone, and drone firmware 01.04.0000 and will not update at all. Gets to 80% and errors (for the last 8 months now).

Also, Drone does not show up on drone assistant 2. The RC does however and updates normally.


@l_j What OS is the computer with DJI Assistant on? Windows 10/11, macOS Ventura, etc?


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