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Guides for Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen Chromebooks with Intel processors. Models with AMD chips are very similar, however MediaTek models are entirely different. These guides will not work for models with MediaTek chips.

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How do I disable the digitizer on the screen?

i need to do this bc the touch screen is pressing things without me doing anything

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@robux you could possibly disconnect the ribbon cable. Your digitizer suffers from Ghost Touch and will have to be replaced. Is your Lenovo the 300e model?


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Hi Guy,

There may be an easier way than opening up the computer. According to Lenovo, you can enable a key combination that will toggle the enabling of the touch screen.

How to Disable the Touchscreen on a Chromebook - Lenovo Support IT

The gist of it is that you enable keyboard debugging shortcuts, then pressing Search+Shift+t will turn the touch screen function on or off. Here's the relevant text.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser and type the following path:
  2. Locate the debugging keyboard shortcuts and click Enable. Disable is selected by default.
  3. Select the Relaunch Now icon to restart Chrome to apply the changes.
  4. After logging in again, perform this keyboard shortcut.
  5. This allows a way to toggle the touch screen on or off.

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