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In computing, a Server is the designation of a piece of hardware on a network. The purpose of a Server is to bring additional functionality, or "services" to clients.

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Advice wanted on running servers

I recently started a new job in data destruction, but i’ve never had hands on experience running servers. I had a basic computer/printer repair business before this. My only coworker is not a fan of sharing information, so I guess i’m trying to figure out how their system works. For example there seem to be a thousand cat5’s coming out of this thing that seem to go nowhere lol. Should I just untangle and dissect this server to figure it out? I’m kind of afraid of overstepping my position, but literally no one seems to know even what we’re doing over here except my silent coworker and the guy who built the server, who got promoted and isn’t in our building anymore (i’m basically replacing him). So i’m completely feeling around in the dark! Please help lol and thanks in advance

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If there are no knowledge articles about the equipment, I would tell management about it. In the long run, you can try sitting for the Server+ exam, but management needs to know that their knowledge base needs updating.

Your manager needs to provide you with a clear job description with the resources you need to be successful.

If no one seems to know what they are doing, and your coworkers are hiding information from you, that's another reason for management to do intervene.

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well the problem is that management is all sales with no tech experience. i’m thinking more and more that i’m gonna have to just examine each ethernet and figure out if it’s just being used for destruction or if it’s also handling the network for my building


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Because it's a server don't unplug any wire , You need a "n" number of cable to connect a server to "n" computers

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