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Dieses Modell wurde mit der AirPort Extreme Base Station veröffentlicht, diese Variante ist ausgestattet mit einer Festplatte und hat 802.11ac Geschwindigkeiten in einer Time Capsule NAS.

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Access Time Capsule files from Linux

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Hi iFixers đź‘‹

I've been looking into this for years and still can't find a solution: has anyone maybe finally managed to access TimeCapsule files from Linux?

I've been all over the internet many times and tried over AFP and SMB - it still shows some weird error and nothing happens 🤷

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I actually found this today:


Will give it a try and let you guys know if it works.

Not really the most effortless approach, but whatever works


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Are you able to access it using a Mac system?

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Hi, sure, on anything other than Linux it works just fine.



Just wondering if this would help depending on what type of file system is used by the files on the Time Capsule


Hi 👋🏻 thanks for sharing, bit the system used is not yet APFS - it’s HFS+ and even that doesn’t really matter because I’m mounting it as a network resource and not directly as a physical device, that’s why my only options are AFP and SMB protocols


@insympathy - SMB is a bit of a wacky of a protocol as it can sit on top of NETBIOS or over UDP as well as TCP! MicroSoft also altered its implementation as well as it’s Port assignment.

Here’s a useful backgrounder IBM - Red Hat SMC Protocol

I would setup an Ethereal sniffer to monitor the dialog so see what’s happing on the wire. Here’s a good writeup SMC-R Interpretation Series – Part 1 and SMC-R Interpretation Series – Part 2

It’s been years since I’ve worked on SMC, I just don’t remember what Apple did and clearly this is a dead product offering so they won’t be updating it.


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