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Die siebte Generation des iPad, veröffentlicht am 25. September 2019. Erhältlich mit 32 oder 128 GB Speicher. Modellnummer A2197.

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Part of the power flex cable tore off onto the main connector

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So I was practicing with an old iPad I have and removing the power port flex cable from the main connector. I guess I was too impatient and part of the flex cable connector tore off and remains on the main connector. Botched it pretty badly. I don’t know how to remove it and am nervous to rip the pads underneath. There’s also some residue that is stuck on top of the main connector as well. Not sure whether to use more heat or what. Or if it’s just destroyed. I tried heating it a little and used flux and when I tried to clean it with IPA the cotton just got caught so there are strands everywhere. It a mess. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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This is easy to do when you’re practicing. It looks like most of the “mess” is parts of the actual flex cable stuck to the board, rather than pulled up board pads which is how this often goes.

To get the remnants off I would use some hot air (assuming you have a hot air station), a generous bit of flux and patience. You can two hand with a soldering iron in one hand and the hot air in the other if you’re feeling frisky. But you’ll want to make sure the solder is molten before trying to remove. And be cautious of overheating the board.

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Thank you so much for that speedy answer! I have a regular hot air gun. I guess it might be wise to get one specifically for this. Will it matter since the connector is on the edge of the board?


@Gibson Magic Time Hot air will definitely make this easier, but if it’s not something with adjustable heat, you may have a hard time. A hot air “gun” is usually a fairly wide nozzle and hotter temps than you’ll want for board work. But you might be able to fudge it if you’re mostly doing this for practice and don’t care too much about the board though. Otherwise you’ll want something specifically for this kind of job.


Gotcha. I picked up a decent hot air station since I plan to use it a lot anyway. Thank you so much for your help.


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