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Announced by Nikon on November 10th, 2016, the Nikon D5600 is an F-mount DSLR.

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No Backlight on my Nikon D5600 screen

I ordered for lcd flex from AliExpress cos my own shows lines on screen atimes ... So yesterday I took it to a technician to install it for me it didn't work so I now asked him to just put the old one back until I can afford the entire hinge...now my screen displays without backlight every other thing works fine...the screen just no longer has backlight.....touch works fine and all.

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While the flex could have been the issue, often times it’s the panel unit or the backlight power driver has failed on the logic board.

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I took it to a technician after trying a different screen and no backlight still...he said I'll have to change the main board entirely at the cost of $130 from him in Lagos, Nigeria..I feel there could be a way to just fix it and not having to change it entirely.

Everything works fine through the view finder I even snap and copy to my PC..

Please help me with a suggestion..the board has never bean opened before.


@degerejiusman - The problem you face here is your remoteness from the locations where skilled independent techs are located.

While replacing the logic board makes sense, repair of the board is also possible.

I’m not sure what the labor fees are in your country so that also is a factor as I’m sure in the EU or UK the costs would be higher.


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