Wii console won’t sync with my Wii remotes

I have a problem. I just replaced my Wii’s disc drive and now my Wii remote won’t connect to the console. I tried taking out the batteries of the remote and putting them back in, I tried holding the sync button on the console for 15 seconds, I tried unplugging the power cord from the console for a few seconds, I tried pressing the sync button on both the remote and the console. My Wii remote connects to my pc without a problem and the bluetooth chip on the console doesn’t seem to be obstructed, I tried using multiple wii remotes and none of them work, I tried pressing the 1 and 2 buttons at the same time a few times and it won’t The one I’m trying to connect doesn’t have motion plus built in. I’m running out of options. What do I do?

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Are you sure that the Bluetooth module is securely connected and all antennas are securely attached?


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