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The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is a 1080p HD with a 140 degrees Field of View camera that is battery powered with two way audio with noise cancellations and spotlights that work efficiently in the dark and for security anywhere you may need them.

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Can the wireless be upgraded from WiFi 4 to WiFi 6?

I find the wireless on this camera to be spotty at best. I wonder if the wireless module can be upgraded easily... Has anyone taken it apart and found out? How easy is it to get to the wireless module?

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Hi @aaronhatton,

Don't know the answer but suspect it may not be easy due to the WiFi 6 IC possibly having different circuit requirements to what is already associated with the WiFi 4 IC on the board i.e. different associated component values or configuration and also possibly a different IC pinout connection as well but maybe not.

Perhaps check if changing the WiFi channel in your router to a "quieter" channel may help to improve stability.

If you have a Windows PC with WiFi capability, here's a free WiFi sniffer program that will help.

Download, install and run the program and use it to "find" the camera network amongst all the other networks that may be in range of your PC which is hopefully close to your router. Camera network name or SSID in the list

The program gives information as to the signal strength and channel used for all the WiFi networks detected. If the camera is on a "busy" channel i.e. same channel number appears on a lot of networks, switch the channel in your WiFi router to a quieter channel i.e. less or no appearances in the list shown by the program and check how it performs. See your router manual for how to change the WiFi channel.

Usually most routers default to channels 1, 6 or 11 straight out of the box and not many people bother to check or change it.

Having a lot of networks close by sharing the same channel especially if their signal strength is good can cause interference and slow down the connection.

Note: The signal strength value shown by the program is in -ve dBm i.e. the higher the number the lower the actual signal strength, e.g. -50dBm is excellent, -60dBm is good, -67dBm is fair, -72dBm is poor and >-80dBm is unreliable.

If you have a low signal strength value from the camera, i.e. high numerical -dBm value, If possible try moving either the camera or the router and check if you can increase the signal strength. For every 3dB increase you are doubling the signal strength e.g. -67dBm is 2 x the signal strength of -70dBm but only half the strength of -64dBm etc

Just what I'd try.

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