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Repair guides and support for the Expedition, a full-size SUV based on Ford's F-150 pickup truck. Closely related to the Lincoln Navigator.

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Accidentally triggered theft mode 1997 Eddie Bauer expedition

Just bought a 1997 Ford expedition the key got separated from the black sleeve containing the chip tried to start 4 times it started then died the 5th attempt heard a clunk sort of like a auto lock and then zero power nothing tried replacing battery still nothing what can I do?

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I had a Ford F-150 that I borrowed for a few days the black part of the key was mostly gone, I decided to drill a hole in it for a key fob.

This was not the best idea, it went into theft mode, the dashboard light blinked theft & it wasn't letting me pass no matter what.

I finally called the owner & we had to get a replacement key made on the spot, where the truck was & he had to drive 45 mins & bring title.

You gotta get a replacement key made by a mobile locksmith, approximately $250.00

As far as I know theft mode will not fail the Ford.

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No fun! I wish that was all my problem was if I had put the black part back on before the 5th attempt blew something now I got zip no theft light no dashlight no nothing at all bumming me out!


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