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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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Microwave turned on, made loud humming/stuttering noise, then shut off

The microwave was dead, no power, no display. I replaced the fuse, and that managed to get the oven to turn on and operate the control panel. I tested heating half a cup of water, and the microwave turned on for 3s, made a loud humming, almost stuttering noise, then completely shut off again.

I assume the fuse is blown again, since it's completely dead again. But am I also on the right path that either the diode or the magnetron need replacing? Or could there be another component that is capable of blowing the fuse with the same symptoms?

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Hi @mpkarlo,

What is the model number of the microwave oven?

Could also be the HV transformer, the turntable motor or fan motor or even the door interlock switches not operating/releasing correctly as they're all connected to the mains power supply after the oven is started.


Hi @jayeff,

The model number is 721.85032010.


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Hi @mpkarlo

I can't find a free wiring diagram or service manual for the model, although you could always purchase it from here (scroll down to find your model)

Your model is actually a rebadged LG microwave (all the parts are made by LG) and all I could find are the parts diagram.

You may have to do point to point testing with an Ohmmeter and the power disconnected from the oven (also discharge the HV capacitor before you start testing!) and check if there's any obvious problem with a component or the interlock switches not operating correctly etc.

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