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A redesigned Pathfinder went on sale in late October 2012 as a 2013 model. Just like the second generation Pathfinder, it once again moved away from a body-on-frame, truck-based SUV and adopted a unibody design.

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Why does my car will go over 50km

I own a 2015 path finder it will not go over 50km, the radio will not work, no heat, inside door locks will not work. can you help

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@bert74099 sounds to me like your Nissan is in limp mode. Since you have all those electrical issues, I suggest that you get the OBD2 scanned and see what code it pops. Your limp mode can originate with things like faulty engine sensors, bad or lose wiring, transmission issues and many more things. Even certain fluid levels being low, can cause this. Scan it, and let us know what code showed up. Then we can try and narrow it down.

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I scaned it and the code was PO456 and evap very small leak


no second gear, no radio, defrost, power locks. Shipping mode on push storage fuse says on dash



@bert74099 not sure if P0456 would get your Nissan in limp mode. Is your Service Engine light on? All those electrical issues could be related to a ECU or PCM issue. I would try a reset by disconnecting the battery. BTW check that as well and check your alternator output.


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