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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with a 2 TB capacity.

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WD Easy Store making clicking noise and not connecting

I've already attempted to use First Aid on disk utility. Since that is not working, I plan to take the drive to a data recovery service in my area, but I'm not sure if the drive is corrupted due to a virus or due to physical damage from being dropped a few times.

I did notice some issues with the drive after a fall and downloading PNG files from a suspicious website (both around the same time). The drive was slow and sometimes made clicking noises. My question is, would a virus or a fall make it harder for a data recovery service to retrieve my data? Or would they both have similar effects? I'm only interested in recovering a few important files before disposing of the drive.

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It's due to dropping, there is mechanical damage, virus is irrelevant not to mention most of the times there is no virus at all.

DO NOT attempt anything on your own if there is mechanical damage to the drive. Anything you try on your own will not have any effect, or worse, further damaging the drive.

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