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The Dodge Journey is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured and marketed by FCA's Dodge brand since model year 2009, with a mild facelift for 2011 model-year.

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Emergency Brake light stays on

After a recent accident, my emergency brake light stays on all the time. It doesn't have to be engaged for the light to illuminate. Occasionally the light will go out for a few minutes, but come right back on. Anybody experience this before and do you know of any fixes? I did a quick google search and added brake fluid, but that was not the issue. The light stayed on.

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Hi @richb2718

The emergency brake (aka parking brake) warning light is also activated by a switch associated with the brake handle. Depending on the year model of your vehicle, the switch when it is operated either sends an earth signal directly to the instrument cluster or to the body control module (BCM).

Here are some images showing the wiring for both situations.

Maybe check if the switch is faulty and intermittently operating when it shouldn't - loose perhaps.

Block Image

(click on image)

If the switch is faulty search online for (insert year) Dodge Journey parking brake switch to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's a supplier just to give an idea what the switch looks like. Click on the Click if this fits your Dodge Journey link to see if it is compatible with your particular model.

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Very helpful. I did notice this piece behind the bottom panel on the driver side. I will give it a go.


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Hi RichB,

Best thing to do is look at a wiring diagram to figure out what's going on with the light; then we can track down likely places that could be a problem; in most cases the light always has power and gets turned on by providing a ground, so a bare wire shorting on the frame anywhere can turn the light on.

However, we'll need to know the year and any submodel information that's relevant to be able to find the right wiring diagram. Please update your question and we'll be able to proceed.

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