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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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replacing the fuse in the Kenmore Microwave

Does anyone have the installation instructions for replacing the fuse in the Kenmore Microwave model number 790.80339310. I took off the grill on the top and cannot see where the fuse is located or how to get the control panel down to see if I can see it. Also where is the capacitor to discharge. PLEASE HELP!

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Hi @lindaalderman

Couldn't find a service manual, but here's a link to a parts diagram that shows the location of all the parts.

The fuse is part #34 and the HV capacitor is part #51.

Fuses rarely if ever, fail of their own accord. There is usually a contributing factor that causes them to fail i.e. excessive current flow through the fuse due to a fault in the device. So you may find that even if you replace it, the replacement fuse may fail immediately once the oven is started.

If it does then fortunately there's a wiring diagram in the link provided above which will help to find the problem of why it has blown.

A lot of the times with microwave ovens, the fuse blows due to a problem with the door interlock switches failing to function correctly either due to them becoming loose or perhaps their contacts being welded closed due mainly to people, over a period of time, stopping the oven by opening the door instead of using the control panel buttons to stop it. This causes their contacts to arc and weld shut as the power flowing through them, hasn't been turned off by the control panel causing arcing as the contacts open.

If the interlocks are OK, further testing would be required to find out what's wrong.

Be safety aware when working in microwave ovens. The HV capacitor can store >5000V DC for months, even if the power has been disconnected for this length of time. This amount of voltage can seriously injure you. The HV capacitor needs to be discharged correctly as soon as it can be accessed, after the oven's cover has been removed and before commencing any further work inside the oven,

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