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Das Apple iPhone SE der 3. Generation ist mit einem A15-Prozessor und einem 4,7 Zoll-LCD-Display ausgestattet.

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iPhone SE 2022 BMS replacement

Hi guys,

I try to look for info about BMS replacement on iPhone SE 2022. Is it encrypted? Or can the info on the BMS be modified directly without flex on tag? I kinda can’t find any info about this model whatsoever. I know that the bms is encrypted since iPhone 11 but I can’t find exact info on iPhone SE 2022 which has A15 so it should be encrypted by my assumption but if so, than I can’t find flex on tag for the bms for this exact model. Does it need one? Or it needs the same as some other iPhone? Or it isn’t encrypted on this model?

Thank you all for your help 🙏

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What exactly are you trying to do? Replace the battery avoiding not genuine error message?


@strongbow yes exactly. I did couple of these kind of repairs but not on SE 2022, and friend of mine would like to replace the battery so I'm doing a research, but still not sure if the latest SE has encrypted BMS or not.


I think it has but don’t quote me. You can buy batteries now without the connection ribbon. Just positive and negative showing. You remove the ribbon connector containing the data from the old battery and transplant it onto the new battery. Ideally you’d need to use a spot welder but might get away with solder at a push. Personally it’s only a warning message and nothing to worry about.


@strongbow I know how to do the repair, I have all necessary stuff including spot welder, JCID programmer etc. I did couple of repair with bms swap but never on iPhone SE 3 (2022), and since I can’t find any tutorial or and clear info about the encryption of BMS on this model, that’s why I am asking the question on this forum. I would like to prepare for the repair so the customer doesn’t have to wait if I find out that it needs flex on tag after I open the device. And since the customer would like to have battery replaced with battery health info displayed correctly, so I am doing some research on that.

It maybe doesn’t have it encrypted as XS and X and SE 2020 doesn’t, since I can’t manage to find any info on that.

I just wanted to be sure before I open the phone. :)


@jdfix if you have a spot welder then your sorted. Buy a battery like the one in my picture. Remove the old battery and peel back the black tape at the top of it to reveal the ribbon with the circuit board on it. Cut the ribbon off the old battery and spot weld it onto the tabs on the new one. Wrap it with the supplied tapes and put it back in the phone. The phone will never know the battery has been out. Or buy a normal battery and temporarily connect it and turn the phone on. If there is no message happy days. If there is, swap the connector ribbon over as above. Both ways I think you’ll agree are simple. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. 👍


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Battery without ribbon for se22 on eBay

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