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High performance gaming laptop released in 2014. Fifth of the Acer Aspire series.

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V5-561G laptop keyboard has dead keys that spread.

The laptop keyboard started being unresponsive to the A key, then spread to the keys Fn, 0, Num Lock, Space, f, J, ;, down arrow and up arrow. I replaced it recently, which fixed the problem for around 2 weeks, and then the problem started again, starting with the Fn and A key. It also spread to 1 and Esc.

I don't damage the keys both accidentally or intentionally.

What should I do?

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this laptop has facing so many keyboard problem like this, i suggest to buy a new original keyboard from a trustworthy seller. or if you don't want to buy a new one you can try to take the keycaps and the rubber below the keycaps off and rub the membrane beneath it with isopropyl alcohol 99% (you can use cotton buds)

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Oh, I didn't know that the laptop has a keyboard defect. Thanks. I'll try to do this.


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