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The Smart Oven® with Element IQ® is a trustworthy tool for the cook who wants a countertop oven that roasts succulent meat, broils, bake pizza, reheas leftovers and toasts evenly. Convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30%. Model: BOV800XL

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Rotary "SELECT" switch flakey

My Breville BOV900BSS has problem with the SELECT rotary switch. I have to turn it very very slowly to move the selection up and down. Otherwise it will jump to the very bottom selection (DEHYDRATE) . I suspect the switch is bad. Breville doesn't offer any parts for sale. You can send the unit back for a high repairing cost. I don't see any marking on the switch. Any one has any idea about the part number of this switch.

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@peter33699, Sometimes, those kind of rotary switches can be saved by spraying it with electronic cleaner spray, at least enough to have it last until you can find a suitable replacement switch.

Unplug the device from power and either let it sit for a while or “power it on” to discharge residual charge inside.

Get some electronic cleaner spray (preferably deoxidising), CRC makes a good one that I use. Then spray “inside” the rotary switch, and spin it several times in order to work the cleaner inside and cleaning the points. Spray once more and repeat the spinning. Let it dry off for an hour or so, the cleaner evaporates quite quickly.

Plug it back in and test the switch / selection. Hopefully this will help until you get a decent replacement. I’d help with parts info if I could, but those kind of ovens are very rarely seen in Norway, and I’ve never seen that manufacturer.

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Same exact problem on same exact model. However, I did call Breville and they do actually sell parts for all their models. I took my entire unit apart and got the part number of the control PCBA for this unit.

Photos posted in the reddit post I made: https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricalEngin...

When I called Breville, that PCBA cost is around $65 and will be in stock sometime around April 2024.

If anyone is trying to find solely the encoder (which Breville will not sell you), this is very very very close. Not sure it will work. I may just end up trying it...


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