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macOS Monterey and touch screen

Hi guys,

I'm happy to trade my PC for a Mac, but this one has a touch screen - no keyboard or mouse - just a PC and a touch screen. I'm trying to connect this touch screen to my Mac, but I'm having some trouble "using" it (it doesn't work like Windows touch, so no on-screen keyboard, can't figure out how to open a folder or app, etc..)

Am I so stupid that I can't find the right setting or is there no touchscreen setting on macOS Monterey?

Thanks so much for any ideas/advice.

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Apple doesn’t offer a touch screen on its MacBooks or iMacs so that’s why it won’t work.

But! Apple allows you to use an iPad as a visual tablet. As an example you could use the iPad to offer up the color pallet and drawing tools so the main display offers a view of the work piece. If you want to shift and move the work piece you can use the command on the iPad where it will translate to the main screen.

If you are more interested in a TrackPad/TouchPad experience with your iMac then you only need an external TouchPad accessory which is what I use to move my images knitting them into one larger image.

Here’s more on SideCar Use an iPad as a second display for a Mac

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But it’s working I can use touchscreen to control my Mac, I just need more setting. So you saying there is no settings for touchscreen?


@roboscrap - MacOS is not designed for a touchscreen. Sure the display will show an image but there is no feedback to the OS to understand the action as a touch as there is no software driver to do that. Apple controls the APIs, you would need to reverse engineer the hidden APIs Apple is using for SideCar services and the figure out how to interface into the touch screen logic of your screen.


MacOS High Sierra the USB connected touchscreen built into my Acer monitor worked fine (effectively a mouse driver, works with everything I plug into it, including a Samsung Phone with Dex), just upgraded to Monterey and suddenly it does not. The comments here seem to be arbitrary and lacking actual technical details, there was absolutely a built-in a driver that worked prior to Monterey (iirc support for Touchscreens was added to Sierra).


@mattd25239 - iirc services was removed with the introduction of Apples iPad Sidecar service and now limited to Wacom tablets and applications which still support it.


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