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Find repair and additional information for the Maytag MFC2062FE*** model, a non-compact, non-built-in refrigerator without an ice maker or through-the-door dispenser, launched in 2016. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern MFC2062FE***.

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Evaporator fan not working

I have a Maytag MFC2062FE201 and there was power surge at the RV park that I was staying at which caused the fridge to completely stop working. So I have now replaced the main control board in the back of the fridge. The temperature control board in the refrigerator, and the evaporator fan motor and everything seems to be working besides the evaporator fan. The freezer freezes, but the refrigerator part does not get cold. I have checked Continuity on the wires going from fan motor to control board. They seem to be good. When I hit all door switches lights go off. I have even ran the fan on straight 110 to test it and it runs fine. I have also checked the voltage at the fan coming from the control board and when I first plug the refrigerator in it’s right at 100 V and then when the compressor comes on it drops down between 90 and 99 volts. I am now replacing the defrost thermostat. I don’t feel that it is going to be the issue and was wondering if that had anything to do with the control board to tell the fan went to turn on and off?

Any suggestions please?

I also purchased a new defrost thermostat, and no matter how cold I get it or the one I took out to replace I cannot get any type of ohm reading or continuity out of either one of them.

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Hi @lee91146

Did you mean MFC2062FEZ01?

If so here's the tech sheet for the model that may help.

It describes how to run the service tests and also has the wiring diagram. See Service Test 112 perhaps

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