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Das iPhone 13 mini ist eine kleinere Version des iPhone 13 von Apple und das zweite mini iPhone. Es wurde am 24. September 2021 veröffentlicht. Es verfügt über ein 5,4" OLED Display, einen A15 Bionic-Prozessor und ein Zwei‑Kamera-System.

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iPhone 13 mini dropped and only Wifi/Bluetooth aren't working

It was dropped and the screen suffered damage. After that everything still works except wifi and bluetooth which are not recognised.

What exactly might have happened at board level?

I guess something has moved on the board.

If I use a heat gun on the board, is it possible to solve the problem, or is the board-level repair going to be more complicated?

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If Wi-Fi is greyed out in the settings app it would point to a board problem not the antenna. The most common cause for this is cracked or torn pads between the interposer board and the top board after a drop. To do this repair will require microsoldering skills and the correct equipment.

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no, it will not help, you need to replace the wifi/bluetooth antenna, the board has nothing to do with it


note that you need soldering skills to replace the antenna that is connected to the board, but you can try to replace the antenna that is held to the board by a flex cord to see if that will fix it. if you don't have any soldering skills, and if that doesn't work you may need to take it to a shop.


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So finally what happend? Did you resolved this problem? If yes, could you please share how or what was the solution to fix.

I have the exact same problem.

IMEI, WiFi address and Bluetooth address present

somtimes find Wifi but it seems signal very low.

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