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LTE-Version des iPad Mini 3. Es wurde am 16. Oktober 2014 angekündigt und ist der Nachfolger des iPad mini 2.

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This ipad 3 my boss was give they for get ID I want use how can I rese

My boss was give me this ipad so they for get ID PASSWORD,SO she is old age thats why the was gives me that ipad,so now i can't used because they need ID PASSWORD,so if im asking how to remove ID PASSWORD,and im scared to follow him because they gonna think im going to do wrong things on her email thats i want to remove it id and im gonna used,they give me email but they dont member a password and the numbers was used because the was use many numbers,so what can i so because i like and i want to used if its gonna be fixings thanks guys

Please everyone can help me

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You gonna help me on emails,if you're really to help me


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Only feasible and economical way to remove their old ID is to reset the password and sign out. Any "backdoor" solution may be expensive or only temporary in a sense. Some services can bypass it but if the device needs to be restored for whatever reason, it'll become locked to your boss's ID again. If you can't get rid of their old ID, it would be best just to seek out another device. The mini 3 hasn't received updates in a few years so the only thing it would be good for is web browsing, facetime/imessage, or music/movies. Really wouldn't be able to install any apps or would have a very limited number of apps you could install.

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