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Students will be working on this device page soon. The Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 is a digital camera.

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Why is my camera not able to use the SD card I put in?

When I try to put in an SD card (I started with a 32GB, then an 8GB, and the smallest I own, a 4GB SD card) it gives an error message saying it cannot use the card.

I did some research to see what capacity SD card it could handle and I found it can only handle 16MB (or possibly higher) or a 2GB card.

I also tried formatting the 4GB card to every available format type and partition size, but that didn't work either.

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Hi @arthraki

Seems like you answered your own question.

If the specifications for the camera are showing the storage capacity for the supplied SD Card in MB then chances are it can't read more than 1-2GB if that.

Research online for the camera, which was released in 2005, shows that 2GB i.e. 2000MB, is the maximum capacity that people say works in the camera, even then it had problems unless a "fast" SD Card i.e. Class 10 was used. So a 4GB SD card won't work.

Try a 2GB card and see if that works

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Yeah I figured that out immediately after I asked this question. I don't currently have a 2GB sd card but I'll keep an I out for one.


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