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Can I still use if my heating element glass is broken

My Black Decker Toaster Art Fryer Oven heating element glass is slightly broken with a small crack. Can I still use the oven ? I tested it out and it’s still heating perfectly I just wanted to know if the glass will explode or anything of that sort while it’s in use.

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Cracks grow! I would order a replacement and try not to push the oven to hard until you get the replacement part.

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No the glass will not explode but what kind of things do you bake in the oven? Does food ever drip onto your heating element? If so, then I'd be careful as it's possible it could drip onto the crack and get inside the element and maybe worst case catch fire? If not, then I wouldn't worry about a crack, if the crack evergrows to the point where you're uncomfortable, replace the element.

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I have this problem in my gourmet oven the glass has already broken around the coil is it still safe to use? It still heats up but I keep getting weird little flames. It's the only oven I have is it a safety issue?


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