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Angekündigt im August 2017. Das Galaxy Note8 ist der Nachfolger des durch Rückruf bekannten Galaxy Note7. Erhältlich war das Note8 im September 2017.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Complete Rework Adhesive Kit Question

Does anyone know where on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 do these adhesive pieces go as they are from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Complete Rework Kit? Thanks!

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I'm not exactly what you mean by "rework kit" Are you referring to a screen repair kit? From what I can tell, the one on the far right looks like it's the adhesive for the fingerprint scanner.


@hootonberg -

It's called the Complete Rework Kit which is OEM from Samsung adhesive kit which I think is for the inside after the back glass is removed but excludes the screen as seen here for example:

https://www.samsung-parts.net/Samsung-Ga... which can be found as part number GH82-15092A which can be Googled but many sites have the wrong photos. Yes, the one on the far right is for the Fingerprint scanner, The one on the far left is something called WPC/absorber which can be bought separately under part number

GH02-07406A as seen here: https://rounded.com/samsung-adhesive-sti...

I am still trying to figure out what WPC stands for.



WPC might stand for Wood Plastic Composite. Just a thought.


@almighty1 Ran across a site advertising a part with the title,

EMI Absorber for WPC (Wireless Power Charging)

Makes a bit more sense than Wood Plastic Composite, lol.


@jayeff - That would make sense if there was anything resembling wood in the phone.

@dadibrokeit - Interesting but I still wonder which part would actually need something that looks like those pieces.


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I'm having a little trouble with your picture, @almighty1, as it's not enlarging at all when I click on it, so my tired old eyes aren't having a lot of luck distinguishing the parts. Any chance we could get a bit higher resolution photo?

However, I do believe I've located one of them. From the teardown for your phone, it looks like the one on the right, the oval shaped one, goes on the headphone jack.

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The photos are from doing a search online as they seem to have a better picture than what I could provide. Let me try taking a photo and see how it comes out.

The piece you are talking about is actually for the Fingerprint sensor as I have found that part that is aftermarket at many places including Amazon and Ebay but even on iFixit:

Galaxy Note8 Fingerprint Sensor Adhesive

I have taken a new photo of the adhesive pieces in question here and trying to determine where in the phone do they go:


#1 is supposedly the WPC absorber which can be bought separately under part number GH02-07406A as seen here:


but still have no idea where in the phone it goes.


@almighty1 You would think the WPC part would have something to do with the wireless charging coil, but I've looked at several pictures of that part and can't see anything that looks like those stickers either on the part itself or mounted anywhere underneath it.


@dadibrokeit - Same here, I've basically taken the Wireless Charging Coil and back glass off to replace the battery and ofcourse I can't see under the mainboard or the sides of the phone.

Responses from 1 vendors that sells the kit are:

"If you're buying rework kit to replace new LCD Display you are not required to use the 5 pcs as they are the part of Microphone Adhesive, Main Flex Adhesive, Bottom side key adhesive and can only be used when you replace those parts." - the LCD has nothing to do with it since these are supposed to be things from the internal side after removing the back glass.


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