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My Hitachi 50HTY62U will not display content on the screen

I have a Hitachi 50HTY62U? I have no picture only damaged Screen, but I can hear my programs I watch in the background? How much will it cost to be picked up fixed and sent back to me?

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Pricing typically depends on what specific part of the screen is damaged. Is the screen itself cracked, or does the screen just not have any backlight?


The backlight is fine, jst the Cracked Screen..

Best regards James


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@jameslaw94516 just for completion sake since we never got back to you on this one. A broken screen, specifically something like the size of your TV, will get very expensive, if you can even find one. You will need to remove the back cover from your TV and take the screen assembly number from the label affixed to your LCD. Then do an online search based on that. Sometimes you can find a TV with that particular panel, that is broken but has a good LCD. Harvest the LCD panel from that to replace yours. If none of that sounds doable, disassemble your TV and sell the boards separately. You may recover a "few"$$ which you can then put toward a new TV. Properly dispose of the rest of the parts.

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