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Use contact cleaner on lighting port and cable terminals


Can I use contact cleaner (spray) to clean the lighting port (after removing the lint) and also spray it onto the cable terminals?


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Hi Peter,

Contact cleaner is explicitly made for electrical connections to remove corrosion and dirt that may be keeping the connector from doing its job properly. It evaporates completely so as to not leave any residue. So yes, I would agree that this is an appropriate application for it.

Since the port is (or at least is supposed to be) sealed, there shouldn't be a big concern about the cleaner getting inside the phone. I'd probably try and be a bit judicious with the application of it; personally I'd suggest putting it on a cloth or a Q-Tip rather than spraying it directly into the port, but in general it should be okay to use for that. And yes, it'll be fine to spray it on the cable terminals themselves.

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Thanks, Jerry W!


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