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Repair guides and support for external portable storage by Western Digital including the My Book series, My Passport and others.

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File Explorer stops responding when reading the passport

Either the passport won't show up when connected, or when I attempt to read or browse it locks up my file explorer, or I can read the file but cannot copy file, even photos can be viewed in a program like paint but if I try to print screen the photo after I open it on my PC it will not allow it and claims the file is corrupted even though I'm looking right at it.

I get continual error messages when attempting to copy from or to the passport and explorer finally locks up.

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A drive not responding to I/O commands is pretty much always an irrepairable hardware problem. If you care about the data, send it to a professional data rescue service. If you don't care about the data, toss the drive if manufacturer rejects your warranty claim.

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