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The Sanyo SCP-8100 is a flip phone released on May 10, 2003.

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Can I retrieve my photos?

Is there any way to get my photos from the Sanyo scp-8100

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@oldturkey03 The phone works perfect and the battery is working too.Thank you for answering my question.But I’m not confortable doing this myself i don’t want to lose my photos because i messed up so by any chance

do you or anyone here know a place where they can do it professionally?


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@raimundoma81742 you are not telling us if the phone is "okay". If there is damage to the phone, it'll be a bit more difficult. If I remember correctly, this phone requires a special data cable. Those are available at places like Amazon etc. You will also need data sync software that recognizes your phone. I know the Bitpim will work with your phone. You can get that from here Now, you may need to replace the battery to see if you can get "the beast" started up. Sanyo SCP-8100 Battery Replacement

That should cover it, I think. Let us know how it works out or if anything is unclear

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