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Das iPhone 13 mini ist eine kleinere Version des iPhone 13 von Apple und das zweite mini iPhone. Es wurde am 24. September 2021 veröffentlicht. Es verfügt über ein 5,4" OLED Display, einen A15 Bionic-Prozessor und ein Zwei‑Kamera-System.

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Trying to see if the 13 Mini and the 12 Mini screens are interchangeab

Will an iPhone 12 Mini display work and fit on the frame of an iPhone Mini 13

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Hi Lauren,

In general if you ask "Will this part from one phone fit on a different phone", you're pretty safe if you always answer "no". Virtually all of the components for each phone is custom designed just for that particular phone and no attempt at compatibility is made. Apple only has a couple of exceptions to this; the iPhone SE 1st gen was based off the iPhone 5S platform, and the iPhone SE 2020 was based on the iPhone 8, so there are some parts that are interchangeable.

However, the two phones you are interested in are not among that group. Taking a close look at the screens, it immediately becomes apparent that the front sensor assembly that includes the earpiece speaker, front camera and Face ID system has changed significantly between the 12 and 13 minis. So the mounting hardware on the screen will prevent those assemblies from fitting on the screen in the precise alignment needed for Face ID to function.

That was the long version; the "Too Long; Didn't Read" version is, no, sorry, they're not compatible and can't be interchanged.

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No, they are incompatible. 12 mini has Face ID mounted to the display while the 13 mini is mounted in the phone. Also the 12 mini’s connectors would not physically fit.

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