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Das im November 2020 erschienene 13" MacBook Air verfügt über Apples Arm-basierten M1-SoC mit einer 8-Kern-CPU und bis zu einer 8-Kern-GPU. (Modell A2337 / EMC 3598 mit zwei Thunderbolt 3-Anschlüssen)

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Single vertical row of keys not working anymore


a vertical row of keys on my 2020 Macbook Air M1 first stopped working intermittently and now ceased working alltogether (9,o,l,. keys). There was no spillage/physical damage that I am aware of. Unfortunately, the MacBook is out of warranty by now so the Apple Store won't replace anything. I don't trust myself replacing the keyboard on my own and a whole upper case is 300$... Is there anything else I might look into checking (flex cables, connectors, etc.) that might be at the origin of the fault and is cheaper/easier to replace than the whole keyboard?

Many thanks!

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Sadly, you’ve already dismissed the only possible solutions. Replacing the uppercase or the keyboard.

But before we throw the towel in, do you notice one of the keys is not the same? That is the travel or it’s not square. If you do notice one key is off it could be a stuck key. Otherwise it’s case/keyboard replacement .

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