What causes the Green Screen Issue, any fix?

Does anyone know what causes the Green Screen Issue on the Microsoft Surface Duo and Duo 2? I know that it can start as a line, dot, simple flicker, and gets worse over time usually.

In other more confusing news, it can be related to the hinge possibly, or software, I realized on some I saw that of you almost closed the phone (but not completely) it'd go away completely or partially (back and forth) then come back after a bit!!!! Rinse and repeat lol. {I guess at least you can retrieve data etc with this method}.

Also this issue sometimes affects startup sometimes doesn't but usually gets bad to the point of always affecting. It does cause it to heat up quite a lot as well including startup, normal use, or sometimes charging or not charging as it thinks it is open or maybe something else causes it to turn on and keep the screen on (which since all polarized as green) heats it up in return massively.

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