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This double-insulated electric saw is a 2 HP 7 1/4" circular saw, model number 315.109020.

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Craftsman circular saw. Can you replace the power cord?

Can you replace a power cord on a craftsman circular saw?

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Hi @patrickpen34688

You should be able to replace the power cord.

I can't find a service manual or a video showing how to dis-assemble the power saw to do this but if your model is a 315.109020 then the cord's part number is 990493-001¹ (supplier example only) as seen in the Base and blade assembly diagram - part #30²

Search online for Craftsman 990493-001 to find suppliers that suit you best.

If your saw is a different model search on the parts diagram supplier's website² linked above, for the saw's model number to find parts for your model. This supplier may state that it is no longer available but use the part number shown for the cord to find other suppliers who do have the cord or equivalent cords as shown by the cord supplier¹ example above.

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