It will turn on but no post on screen need help

I just bought this off Facebook marketplace he said it needs os but im not sure i have the disk for it but nothing works on the keyboard to open the disk drive im not sure what to do

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have you tried a usb thumb drive?

you could try chrome OS flex, or a linux distro


Can you explain do i just put the usb in the computer and turn it on?


@cooperzen well, you have to download the files you plan to use

to use chrome OS Flex, you would need another computer (preferably with google chrome downloaded on it) and go to the chrome web store. search chrome os recovery utility, and when you find the correct one, add it to chrome (or another browser, but i know it doesn't work on edge, so dont use that one :) ) then you will need a sd card, or a thumb drive, put it into the computer you're using the chromebook utility on, when you click get started, it will bring you to select a model of chromebook, but for this we will just click select from a list. you will look in the list until you find chrome OS Flex. then select that. then it will prompt you to select chrome os flex again, then do that. then it will begin downloading, and then bam! you have a new bootable thumb drive for chrome OS flex!

then you turn the computer off, and put the thumb drive into it, and turn it back on.


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