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Glitchy keys on a Yamaha P-45 digital piano

Hello, I have a Yamaha P-45 digital piano (6-7 years old), and I have been experiencing some glitchy behavior: namely, two keys (B1 and C#5) when pressed only make the note sound sometimes, and tend to stay silent especially when pressed lightly (but not always - occasionally even when pressed harder). I disassembled the piano and removed the two octaves to clean the keys and the contacts below (everything except the part below the silicon pads), but the problem still remains. Is there anything that can be done?

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Your issue could be cause by the following

The silicon strips carbon contacts could have gotten corroded on the microscopic level so you may need to get some very high grit sand paper and carefully take the top layer off(not much though)

The carbon contacts will on the board could need the same treatment as above or could need the opposite….More carbon contact….if that’s the case ,if you carefully get a pencil (writing pencil with carbon/graphite in it)and draw on top of the contacts you might be able to breath some new life into them

All in all it sounds like the issue is that the contacts is poor…the reason why it’s quiet is because of the keyboards “velocity keys”

Velocity keys is where the keyboard usually uses 2 sets of contacts and measures the time taken for them both to make contact with the strip(one constant is a couple milliseconds behind the other) this is so it can tell how hard you are pressing down on a key (hard or gentle)

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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It may happen due to humidty in environment ,Please gently blow it with haier dryer once and try .

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