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Water not reaching ice maker

The water in my freezer ice maker is not getting any water to it. I’ve replaced the water inlet valve, checked for clogged lines and pulled the ice maker out.

The ice maker its self is still rotating through the cycles as if it’s making ice.

The fridge doesn’t have a filter.

It doesn’t dispense water, just an ice tray in the freezer.

This starting happening like 6 months ago.

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Replace the icemaker, did you clean the icemaker in water when you took it out, I did that and when I put it back I had no water and no maker, I must have shortened the motor when i put it back in wet, which wasen't a big deal because the ice maker was a mess anyway. Got an icemaker on line for 54.00, (made sure I didn't get it wet) and in 5-6 hours like new, Good Luck.

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